Monday, November 28, 2011

I’m not surely about it!

Well, i’m still wake up now. The clock is show 1:52 AM. I already watched Drama Korea “You’re Beautifull”. Lonely, because my friends were slept. It is okay for me. When i realized that i must do my job, i turned off my friend’s laptop. Before it i look the recent document file. I know that may be i make mistake. Hmm, but it is because i need to know how far the job of my friend. I dont have idea to stolen their idea or concept. I don’t want to be like they that have been stolen my Lastest task and presentation concept. Yeah, i don’t make my friends feel the same feeling like me. May be they are not realized had used my idea. May be they are forget that i had say the concept. * I just trying to positiv thinking*. Are there have a matter with me, huh?? :(

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