Thursday, February 7, 2013

Ayoo Gowes – Lets Bycycling :)

Although a few days ago my stomach on the issue, but on Saturday I took the time to cycling although alone. From 5:30 am after watching cartoons, I prepared myself for pump my deflated tire’s bicycle. Finding a route that not many motor vehicle pass. At 6:30 am I arrived at the house, ready for streching and then watch “Mozaik Islam” in TransTV. And this is my red bike (actually my little sister’s bike -. -)
 My Red Bicycle 

Bicycling With My Army Jacket :}

Here! Look! Sunlight is very bright, right? Aaaaa~ I’m very happy feel the warm sun :) 

Warm Sun in The Morning

The Shady Masjid

 It’s time to go home! So shady street :) 

Shade Trees

And, This is me~~~ ! ^^ Muehehe :) 

Me ! Lonely

Keep spirit! And lets Gowes*!

  PS : Gowes in Java language is bycycling :) 


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