Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Praying for Beloved Mom

Since last Friday, my mother told me she was sick. She asked permission to not go to work. “All day to rest,” she thought. But mothers should take care of my grandmother who had cant walk anyway. Because me and my sister did not live at home with mom, then we can not help mother. Mother shortness of breath all day plus cough with phlegm, because the mother had asthma bronchitis.
On Saturday, exactly ba’da Dawn, the mother was not very strong. My brother immediately drove the mother to the hospital. It really worries me. When I received a message from my mother, I felt like crying. And on Sunday my sister and I had promised to meet and teach me to make donuts. :’(
On Sunday I had to came to the hospital. From noon until late at night I was with my sister waited for her, no matter the next day I had to leave early for work.
Until now, my mother was hospitalized for five days. Mom really hope tomorrow (Thursday) to immediately recover and go home for fear of administrative costs to swell. Well, even though my mother used ASKES, but only got a piece of 1/3 only. I gave all my money to my mother, my sister who first had also been helped. Ppffft, however, regardless of the cost of the hospital, I really hope she get well soon, good health, so it can be returned home. May Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala give relief to my mother’s illness. Aaamiiin. :’)

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