Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wednesday Again… I lost you for TEMPORARY

This morning, not as usual as soon as I woke up, I immediately go take a shower. Whether because today I’m just alone with Hyu Sub, or because my boss came in my dream. Well it’s not important.
After I came out of the bathroom and will dispose of “garbage”, I heard the sound of people walking. I know it is Hyukkie :) , and do you know what I feel? My heart is pounding, difficulty breathing, and my legs weak! I’m getting ready to put a face with the most sincere smile. (I do not wish to give the most sweety smile to him). And .. taraaaa! I saw him walking with his style. Looking down, and ruffling his hair. I probably managed to give my sincere smile for him, of course, after he made me smile. And we went into our respective rooms.
Today is Wednesday, he has a schedule of lectures in the morning and today is his schedule for homecoming. Right! I can not see him again before he left for college and for the next few days until the start of the week, Monday.
I can only say “be carefully Hyukkie oppa, and safely going home” in the room after hearing his motorcycle left the park boarders.

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