Sunday, December 9, 2012

I joined in Chatango

Well, today, i spend my time to improve my blog again. I so slowly to finish about this. :( I add my chat widget use Chatango. Aaaaand, i joined with public room! I meetthree people.
First, Mujuu, First, I thiink he same with other people. Yah, freak and always to talk about sex. {{Im sorry Mujuu :p}} But Mujuu dont like that. :) He very have simple thinking. Thankful for something that may be overlooked others. I ask he, “You seems so happy (?)”. He said, “I just woke up.. And I’m not dead”. Yah, so simply. We not talk about everything, but i know he is so kind. He a male, 18th years old, froom Maldives. Actually, i dont know where is it :p . He is a web designer, {{I must learn with him! 16-msn_animated_crab  }}, he corret me when i had mistake with my english. {{Thankyou so much}}
Second, eric1191. From Dyer, IN. He like drawing like me. We exchange links our art. And hey! he can drawing with detailed! I like his women picture :D Eric said, “I used to have diffuclty with it too,but the more practice the better you get. and whenever you look at something or someone,pay attention to every detail,like taking a picture with ur brain”. Its awesome. I must try more diligent, right? :) Fighting! Thankyou Eric for your suggestion, and I wait your art ;)
Third, Aman8585, form India. He live near with Himalaya. Do you know? Oh My God.. I want to go Himalaya~~~. But I must explore Indonesia first, my beautifull country ;) He will send me his picture taken. I waiting it Aman ;)
Then, i also chatt with Luthfirahma, She is first person from Indonesia that chatt me :) Hi, Luthfi :D She live in Tangerang, near Ciputra Hospital. My boyfriend had worked there as an IT. Unfortunately, she did not write a blog. She like so delight person.
Well, so veryyyyyy happy to talk with them :D I hope we can meet again in Chatango. Thankyou Chatango :D
Bighug for all 04-msn_animated_crab
Ithink I must draw the ilustration how my expression when write this. Mujuu, can u be patient? 11-msn_animated_crab
One again, thankyou for all 19-msn_animated_crab

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