Thursday, December 20, 2012

Am I Ready?

Good morning, guys :) This morning the sky is so blue. And I hope this day is very smooth and pleasant. Amin.
This morning, there was a silence about my big boss to come to the office in Semarang. I do not know for sure. I only regretted the departure of one of my IT partner who was out two weeks ago.
Actually I think he’s going to save me and my IT partner to another. He was the only IT men. He is experienced, and mature. I think he can speak well when bigbos want to find out about us. At least my guess is only one person who asked the representative to explain about us. I hope so.
Well, whatever is going to happen, I really really hope Miss Dita, the only IT partner and I, can give you the best, and did not disappoint the big boss and of course all the employees here.
F I G H T ! 16-msn_animated_crab

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