Monday, December 3, 2012

Tric of Art

First lesson for Savitrii.
The technique is not necessary. You need lots of imagination and a force within your soul that needs to push your hand. Draw and paint what you feel inside you.
If you think that is different from the drawings that then you’re on the right track. In painting it is not necessary that what you think inside your soul is equal to the work we do. Ok?
you think and in the meantime designs and colors. The rest is by itself
Your painting must be original and different from everyone because you have a soul different from everyone.

Cau Luigi I feel that you are very determined and do not want to waste time to realize your future. You’re on your way to becoming a great artist. You must have great strength inside to push you to take the brush and paint. When you feel this force inside the paint without problems get successful results. Run the job, whatever it is. Ok?

Savitrii Rishma hmm hopefully such that, dad,
Well when I feel the power / desire to take a brush and started to play it, I feel very free in making art that. but unfortunately I was not practiced enough to draw.
what do you think about the existence of a basic guide about the science of drawing. whether it also can be said as a reference??

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