Thursday, February 21, 2013

Meet Sashin – 2nd years IT Student

Today, I met someone that studying in IT and he like harmonica too, like me. And he i~~~s {{drumer!}} Sashin! :) His age 19 years old, yah like me again. He success to made game, and this is his own ~>  Pokemon_Random_Beta_6471. He give me some tips to be expert in animation. Loh, why he know? Yah, i inform him. And he said like there :
“I’ll give you a hint. Try to learn how to animate with html5 or another tool. I think Flash is going to die.”
{{Oh My God, it sounds difficult}}
“I don’t think it’s that difficult, people do it after all. It seems like Flash is slowly going obsolete, especially for animation”
I ask him, “if allowed to self-taught ?”
He answered, “I think adobe made an animation tool for non flash animation, self taught is the easiest way I think.
Yah, and I said, “I do not know where to start”
I think so many in foreign countries students who already have a “thing”, {{if you know what I mean}} So, I determined to continue to learn from them. Thankyou so much Sashin;)

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