Monday, November 28, 2011

Concept of Modul to Trainning IT for Librarian

Last Saturday I get a job from my big Boss. There is to make a modul about digital colection and multimedia colection. And lets check it out about my concept ! (:
1. Pengelolaan Koleksi Digital
  • Pengertian Koleksi Digital
  • Pentingnya Koleksi Digital
  • Jenis-jenis Koleksi Digital
    • Pengertian masing-masing jenis
  • Proses Digitalisasi
    • Kapan melakukan proses digitalisasi?
    • Akuisisi Karya Digital Asli
    • Akses ke Sumber Eksternal
    • How to make digital colection (before that, it will explain to about needed software)
    • Editing (convert file)
    • etc (i dont have any idea ):  )
  • Pengembangan Koleksi Digital
  • Pentingnya Preservasi dan Macam-macamnya
2. Pengelolaan Koleksi Multimedia
  • Pengertian Koleksi Multimedia
  • Pentingnya Koleksi Multimedia
  • jenis-jenis Koleksi Multimedia
  • Standarisasi File
  • Editing
    • image w/ Ms Office Picture Manager, Paint, ACDSee, Photoscape, *any sugestion?*
    • audio w/ video converter
    • video w/ movie maker

Just still the way. I hope i get any sugestion and idea, and i CAN make the people in my office is proudly w/ me. amin :)

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